Saturday, October 30, 2010

Simply The Best

Humans are the best species ever!


A world which battery cages could have been invented in, is a world that unlegislating them won't cure anything.

The animal rights movement must wake up.
Society is irrevocably speciesist and immoral.

Gains made are easily reversed.
History has shown that working within the cruel system and winning small battles for the animals proved to be irrelevant. The animals’ carnage continues.
Animal abuse will go on until mankind becomes extinct, or the planet is destroyed.
It’s time to open our eyes and admit that we shall never overcome.
The opposition is stronger, better financed, and more numerous than animal defenders.

If you are only interested in clearing your conscience, you better stay in the conventional movement.
If you are interested in liberating billions of animals and humans from life full of suffer... there is only one solution.

* Much of the text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Innocents When They Sleep

In order to produce comfort pillows and worm blankets for humans, this is the "discomfort" geese "have" to endure...

Humans are not innocents even when they sleep.

* Text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Absurd (vivisection)

Animal rights activists claim that vivisection is absurd because it is unscientific and unsafe for humans.

Don't you think it is absurd that animal rights activists are fighting for good science instead of a sufferless world?

Using the unscientific argument is speciesism. Non humans’ suffer is the strongest case against vivisection, a fact that is totally absent in the anti vivisection movement.

It is a moral issue not a scientific one. If you have reached the point that you hang on the few doctors that go against animal experiments as your best case against vivisection, then the animals have a problem that no alternative could solve.

Problems should be solved from the roots and the root is an historical crime against weaker creatures in an excuse of human superiority. The problem is in the way humans see animals not in the way scientists see science.

If activists believe humans are too insensitive towards non-human suffering, then they must fight against them, not for them.

* Much of the text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Rodents (vivisection)

85% of animal experiments are preformed on rodents.

Still... it is not accidental that the animal rights movement unproportionately demonstrates experiments on specific species which represent only 2% of the total number of animal experiments.

Animal rights activists don't believe it is possible that humans will be rational and moral to oppose the torture of a creature regardless of his species.

They know that it is easier to influence humans when showing them animals that humans see as their pets like dogs and cats, cute animals like rabbits, and monkeys that are similar to humans more than any other species.

If the animal rights movement is failing in saving humans' closest species , what chance do mice, rats and guinea pigs have?

* Text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Sadism as a Starting Point

The animal rights movement calls bullfights, rodeos, circuses, marine parks and zoos violence in disguise of entertainment.

The truth unfortunately is much worse.
It is entertainment.
The human race is entertained by torture and abuse.

Humans seek for the power and dominance over other species and they enjoy it. There is no other way to explain the amusement children get from brutally murdering a bull or aggressively roping a calf.
Bullfights, circuses and rodeos are some sort of a celebration of humans’ victory over other species, a symbolic display of their tyranny.

We have to comprehend this. Enjoying such a brutal and violent shows, like rodeos, bullfights and circuses are a part of the human race’s nature.
You can try to convince people not to participate, you can try to promote legislation against those cruel acts, you can demonstrate, you can liberate a few animals, but you can’t change the fact that this is a part of the human race. Humans enjoy humiliating and hurting others - humans and non humans.

Stop fighting the symptoms, deal with the real problem.

* Much of the text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Eating Meat is Just a Symptom

To convince someone to go vegan as an attempt to save the world is similar to an attempt to save a sinking ship by tossing out water with a teaspoon.

The world is not just an unfair and cruel place, everything is rotten from the roots.
The world is too sick, and life itself is the disease.

Wake up!
A world, that battery cages could have been invented in, is a world that unlegislating them won’t cure anything.

Battery cages are just a symptom. Eating meat is just symptom.
Two of the severest ones, but still symptoms.

The only way to stop the symptoms of the problem is to identify the main root cause and directly work to abolish it.

Stop dealing with the symptoms and start dealing with the causes.

* Much of the text taken from the Only One Solution website.

Reason is Not Enough

Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to convince someone to go vegan?

We don't need to tell you how morally initiatory and how nutritiously simple veganism is.

So how come it is so hard, even for many people who define themselves as "animal lovers", to become vegans?

Could it be that the obstacle to veganism is the messengers? Not enough health food stores? The price of soy milk? Not enough vegan celebrities? Not enough visual evidence about what is going on in factory farms?

You know it is not any of these.

The animal rights arguments are so simple and right. They are based on solid facts and evidences. Nobody can confront them rationally.

So why is it so hard to convince someone to go vegan?

The reason is that reason is not enough. Good arguments are not relevant.

Rationality is not enough in this world. It has proved itself as an insufficient element in order to change people’s habits.

Rationality can’t beat motivation.

"... humans are much more social than rational creatures. In everyday life on average, people try to merge into society, behave correspondingly, and afterwards rationalize their behaviour, i.e. find "rational" reasons why they act as they act. This observation is so obvious that it does not seem to merit quoting empirical support."
- Martin Balluch -

* Non-quotation text taken from the Only One Solution website.