Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

A dead turkey is what symbolizes more than anything, a holyday that is supposed to symbolize humans’ thankfulness to god for all the wealth he supposedly gave them.

It seems to be absurd that even the day that symbolizes humans’ gratitude to god, nature and everything around them, they celebrate it by ignorance, violence and contempt to everything around them.

Hundreds of millions of turkeys are tortured for months, murdered and eaten in the thanksgiving feast.
A violent feast of ostentation and hypocrisy.
It symbolizes how greedy and boastful humans are. Not modest and grateful.

Unfortunately it is not surprising that this is their thanks.
A critical examination of humans’ nature and of life in general, makes it very logical. And when atrocities like these are logical…
What is your dilemma?

* Text taken from the Only One Solution website.

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